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Author(s): Deepak Kumar Mittal, Deepmala Joshi, Sangeeta Shukla

Email(s): deepakmittal05@gmail.com

Address: Sri Satya Sai University of Technology and Medical Sciences, Sehore, India.

Published In:   Volume - 29,      Issue - 1,     Year - 2016

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Polygonum bistorta plant locally known as a bistort, used in the Siddha system of medicine. The goal of the present work is to evaluate and compare the efficacy of root extract of Polygonum bistorta and tannic acid against CCL- induced damage in liver and kidney. The hepatotoxicity produced by the administration of CCL, at the dose of (1.5 and 0.15 ml kg' b.wt.) for once only (Acute exposure) and 21 days (Sub chronic exposure), was found to be inhibited by simultancous oral administration of aqueous extract of P. bistorta (100 mg kg" b.wt.) and its active principle as tannic acid (25 mg kg" b.wt.) after 24 h of CCL, administration. The enzymatic activities of AST, ALT and SALP in serum where as LPO and GSH contents in liver and kidney were estimated and histopathology of liver and kidney was performed after acute and sub chronic exposure of CCL, and treatment and compared to the control. Severe alterations were noticed after CCl, administration with evidence of increased level of serum AST, ALT and SALP. The significant changes were noticed in LPO and GSH contents with the concurrent administration of plant extract and its active principle after CCI, administration. The histopathological changes were reversed after the treatment of plant extract and its active principle. This plant possesses a broad spectrum of antibiotic, antibacterial and anticancer activity. The observations of this study indicated that aqueous extract of P. bistorta roots and tannic acid could afford a better protection against CCL- induced sub chronic hepatotoxicity in rats.

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Mittal, Joshi and Shukla (2016). Ameliorative Activity of Medicinal Plant and its Active Principle against Hepatorenal Toxicity. Journal of Ravishankar University (Part-B: Science), 29(1), pp.175-176.

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