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Author(s): R.Guhey, N.P.Wadhwa, M.W.Y.Khan

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Address: Dept Of Geology Govt. Sc College Raipur
Retd. Prof. Govt Engg. College, Raipur
Sos In Geology. Pt. Ravishankar Univrsity., Raipur.

Published In:   Volume - 10,      Issue - 1,     Year - 1997

The Chandi limestone Formation of Raipur Group. Chhatt1sgarh Supergroup is divided into three lithofacies designated as A. B and C in stratigraphic order. Limestone samples from each lithofacies were analysed for mineralogical and geochemical characters. In X-ray Diffractograms. only calcite, dolomite and quartz are detected. Dolomite snows maximum development in lithofacies B. In the geochemical results Cao shows positive correlation vv;th Sr. Pb'. Zn. Cu. Ni in Lithofacies A indicating association vv;th calcite Mn and insoluble residue shows positive correlation vv;th MgO in lithoqacies B. v..tiich suggests that higher Mn rs related to dolornitization. Similarly higher Na/Ca ratio in dolomite suggests saline dolomitizing solutions. The trace elemental concentrations in general indicate normal shallow marine environment of deposition.

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Guhey, Wadhwa and Khan (1997). Geochemical Behaviour of Chandi Limestone Formation, Raipur Group, Chhattisgarh SuperGroup, Durg District, (M.P.). Journal of Ravishankar University, Vol 10, No. B (Science) 1997 pp. 37-48.

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