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Author(s): Ashok D B Vaidya

Email(s): mekhe@gmail.com

Address: Roscarch Dinctir, Medical Research Centre, Kasturba Health Society Adjunet Protessr, Saurashtra
University & Dresel University Fomer Regional Modical Dinctor, Ciha-Geigy (South Asia) Dir, Clinical
Phurmacology, BSES Global Hospital & Research Centre.

Published In:   Volume - 29,      Issue - 1,     Year - 2016


"We characterize Ethnopharmacology(EP) through the diversity of its practitioners, and review critiques that challenge researchers to set their sights on a theory-driven and context-sensitive study of the pharmacologic potential of species used by indigenous peoples for medicine, food, and other purposes. Such an inclusive definition of EP would be loved by the young but may also raise eyehrows of the seniors, who have dedicated a lifetime to the field. It is also worthwhile to note that Reverse Pharmacology (RP) too has been defined in broad terms but it has three distinct stages: "RP is the science of integrating dacumented clinicalexperiential hits, into leads by transdisciplinary exploratory studies and further developing these into drug candidates by experimental and clinical research Just like the definition of EP even that of RP has bee dehated. When we seek the interface of EP and RP it is desirable to relate the functional domains rather than nga definitices The overlaps of activities would help rather than hinder us once our quest is for new natural drugs." There have been attempes by experts to connect EP to Integrative Medicine and to Molecular Pharmacology'. Similal atempes have becen made for RP too. But despite the need for multidisciplinary approaches in RP and EP, it is worthwhile emphasize that unique training and expertise are needed in each of the domains and as well for their extensions in the reali of roductionist drug Inutra sciences Soch clarity would reduce territorial imperatives and thwart inept attempts to wk fields wherein one's skills and knowledge are limited. There are very few with a triple competence in clinical scicikt natural products and drug discovery sciences, which takes a long training with masters.Ethnopharmacology can truly focus on a vast and still untapped potential of folklore and tribal remedies, foods and healh practices. Reverse Pharmacology can then take up the hits provided by EP or in clinics for further work in three stages experiential/observational studies at the bedside, exploratory studies with targets and experimental and clinical studies of safety, efficacy and acceptability. Currently many opportunities offered by EP are not availed of by the industry. The tribhal hits and preliminary pharmacology often remain in the innumerable publications'. There are many examples of such hits and leads from EP in the literature. There is a need to have a close collaboration between the experts of the two fields to cultivate the interface of EP with RP. That way the field discoveries by EP can rapidly be translated into new drugs through RP on a fast track. We need to conduct joint workshops on the unmet medical needs and the scope of selected natural products through EP and RP.Then we could have another golden era of new drug/diet discoveries from the natural products.

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