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Author(s): A. Fatima, A.K. Bansal, Shamshuddoha, B. Shrivastava, N.K. Garg

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Address: JLN, Medical College, AMU, Aligarh
Deptt. of Community Medicine, Govt. Medical College, Jagdalpur (Bastar)
DLO, Sarguja
Raipur Homoeopathic Medical College, Raipur
M.M.M Ayurvedic Medical College, Udaipur (R.J.)

Published In:   Volume - 23,      Issue - 1,     Year - 2010

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Fatima, Bansal, Shamshuddoha, Shrivastava, and Garg (2010). Treatment Completion Rate among Tribal and Non-tribal Leprosy Patients of Sarguja (C.G.). Journal of Ravishankar University (Part-B: Science), 23(1), pp. 46-49.

Journal   of Ravishankar   University-B, 23(1), pp.46-49 (2010)

Treatment Completion Rate among Tribal and Non-tribal Leprosy Patients  of Sarguja (C.G.)

A. Fatima1 A.K. Bansal2, Shamshuddoha3, B. Shrivastava4, N.K. Garg5

1JLN, Medical College, AMU, Aligarh

2Deptt. of Community Medicine,  Govt. Medical  College, Jagdalpur (Bastar)

3DLO, Sarguja

4Raipur Homoeopathic Medical College, Raipur

5M.M.M  Ayurvedic Medical  College,  Udaipur  (R.J.)

Abstract: On   analysis    of collected  data, it  has  been revealed    that   99.14%    Tribal    Leprosy   patients   completed  their treatment   in prescribed time  in  comparison   to their  100%  non tribal  counterparts.    On  Further   analysis    it  has  been observed   that all  tribal   and  non  tribal   PB  Leprosy   patients    completed    their  treatment    while  only  98.70%  MB tribal patients  completed their  MDT in stipulated  time  in  comparison   to 100% MB non tribals.  As far as sex  wise  concerned tribal males  are  lagging  behind   in comparison  to their female   counterparts   while in  case  of non  tribals  patients   of both sexes  completed  their  treatment   in time.  Regarding inhabitants - 100% tribal   and non tribal   in urban completed    the treatment   while in rural 99. 7% and 100% tribal and non tribal respectively   completed their treatment within   time limit. This indicates  that  National   Rural   Health   Mission   fails  to  penetrate    the difficult   to  reach    areas,    i.e.,   Tribals     and strengthen    the view that  "National  Tribal Health  Mission"   be formulated  and implemented    as  early as possible.

Keywords:   National Tribal Health Mission, Treatment Completion   Rate.

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Author(s): A. Fatima; A.K. Bansal; Shamshuddoha; B. Shrivastava; N.K. Garg

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