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Author(s): A.K. Ral, D.K. Sinha, P.S. Parihar, A.K. Chaturvedi

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Address: Atomic Minerals Division Bangalore-560072, Nagpur- 440 001

Published In:   Volume - 5,      Issue - 1,     Year - 1992

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Ral, Sinha, Parihar, Chaturvedi (1992). Genesis and behaviour of uranium in Pitepani basic Metavol-canics group around Bodal, Bhandaritola, District Rajnandgaon, M.P. Journal of Ravishankar University (Part-B: Science), 5(1), pp.85-105.

Journal of  Ravishankar University  Vol. 4-5  No. B (Science) 1991-92   pp.85-105  ISSN  0970 5910

Genesis and  behaviour of uranium in Pitepani basic Metavol-canics  group around  Bodal,  Bhandaritola,  District Rajnandgaon, M.P.

A.K. Ral1, D. K. Sinha2, P.S. Parihar2 and A.K.Chaturvedi2,

Atomic Minerals Division1 Bangalore-5600722, Nagpur- 440 001

Ms.: Received 20.8.91; Revised 25. 7.92.

Abstract. Radioactive basic metavolcanics i.e. amphibolites of Bodal-Bhandaritola areas have been assigned Lower Proterozoic age of Nandgaon   Group.  Meso to epizonal reconstitution   of acidic metavolcaoics   as myolitic suites during polyphase tectonism with accompanying metamorphism, shearing and hydrothermal   activity has resulted in the formation    of ore grade amphiboite   bodies.     Uranium   mineralisation    is  essentially restricted   to shears  trending N  18° E·S 18°W and N 40° W·S 400 E in Bhandaritola and Bodal  respectively   which  transgress   from  amphibolite   In the  east to quartz  porphyry  in west.    Peribatholithic   contact   of Dongargarh   granite  with the  uraniterous  amphibolite and quartz  porphyry   shows  distinct  effects of protoclasis   aiding  in enrichment  of uranium (upto  8400  ppm)  within  host rocks.    Notably an increase in uranium  content  shows  an increase   in Si. A1, total alkalies and Pb, but Mg.  Ca. Fe, Mn, P20s show a concomitant decrease. While the trace elements   (Ba.Rb,  Sr,  Ni.  Zn and Cu) show an inconsistent and ersuc behaviour.   It has been suggested that amphinbolites with higher Si, Al, total alkalies   and Pb will  be uraniferous,    even  though  surface   manifestation   of uranium   is poor  or even  lacking.

Key words: Pitepani basic rnetavoleanics, BodaJ Bhandaritola,   Uranium.  Amphiboli1e, Nandgaon Group.

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